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We are a team of passionate brand strategists who focus on what really matters. It’s what makes us so good at building better brands that they get noticed for the right reasons and stand for something more.

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There’s a whole world out there and good ideas can come from anywhere. Let’s learn some stuff.

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We deal with complex issues and no one has all the answers. Let’s work together to bring out the best possible solutions.

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We give our time, our money, and our expertise to make the world around us just a little bit brighter.

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For our clients, for each other and for the greater good. Believe that the pie is big enough for everyone – more pie is good!

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Do we need to explain this one? Work hard, but mix in some music, some conversation and a bit of random goofiness.

Compass(x) Strategy founder Nancy Goldstein’s marketing career began in the world of consumer packaged goods: Now zestier! Buy one get one free! Our stuff is 30% better than the other guy’s stuff! But after fifteen years in brand management marketing breakfast pastries, taco shells and fluted ceramic bakeware, (plus a few years at a brand strategy consulting firm growing industrial and mortgage brands) Nancy decided it was time for a change. Her work needed to matter.

In 2009, she launched Compass(x) Strategy, a firm created to help the good guys win. Nancy wanted her company to be a model for how marketing could be a force for good. That meant not just working with clients striving for good, but to make her firm a more responsible consulting firm.

She started with some principles of what a good firm should be:

  • Build philanthropy into every project, not just “whatever we choose to do at the end of the year.”
  • Provide discounts to sustainable startups and small nonprofits so they can get the advice they  need, not just the advice they can afford.
  • Teach along the way so that our clients continue to get better and don’t pay us to do the same work over and over again.
  • Run our business as environmentally responsible as possible, including hosting our website with renewable energy and purchasing carbon offsets.
  • Inspire employees, collaborators and clients to their best work while having fun.

We continue to build on our commitment to build a better strategy consulting firm. In 2011, we became a Certified B Corp, and in 2013 we were one of the first to register as an Illinois Benefit Corporation. As we continue to scale, we intend to not just increase our employee and client base, but increase our positive impact.

“I started Compass(x) Strategy to have impact. Impact with our clients to help the achieve their goals, but also in the greater sense.  If you aren’t creating something good and useful, what’s the point?”

 — Nancy Goldstein,
founder and chief strategist
Compass(x) Strategy

In March 2011 Compass(x) Strategy proudly became a Certified B Corporation.  

We believe that business should be a “force for good”, and that success in business needs to be redefined in order to create a more resilient and sustainable economy.  This belief guides our interactions with our clients, the community, and one another.

We are proud to be a part of this growing business community and are diligently working to strengthen and support our economy, community and environment through our work.



Nancy Goldstein Chicago brand strategy consultant

Nancy Goldstein

Founder and Chief Strategist


Nancy Goldstein founded Compass(x) Strategy with a mission to make business a Force for Good.  As Chief Strategist, Nancy brings 20 years of experience growing businesses of all shapes and sizes.  Her specialties include:  marketing strategy development, value propositions and positioning, brand communications, new product launches and business model development.

Prior to launching Compass(x) Strategy, Nancy was a Director of Consulting at Zyman Group, a boutique marketing strategy consulting firm founded by Sergio Zyman, the former CMO of Coca-Cola.  While at Zyman Group, Nancy led projects for clients as varied as: beverages, not-for-profit, pet food, industrials and financial services. Nancy co-authored a white paper on connecting brands to consumers in a digital world.  She also co-created an approach to identify and leverage consumer preference at key points in the decision-making process for durables and other “considered goods.”

Nancy honed her business building and marketing skills running some of the world’s most iconic brands.  Nancy was recruited to World Kitchen to turn around the struggling CorningWare and Revere brands – household staples for generations that had lost their way.  At Pillsbury and General Mills, Nancy ran large, complex businesses such as Old El Paso Mexican Food as well as launching new products such as Refrigerated Ready-to-Bake Cookies and Brownies.

Nancy earned an MBA from the Olin School at Washington University and a BA in Economics and Psychology from Tufts University.

When not building better businesses, Nancy enjoys binge-worthy TV shows, live music, Katherine Hepburn movies, and a well made Manhattan. She believes that there is always money in the banana stand.

You can reach Nancy at nancy@compassxstrategy.com

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Sehare Hemani Chicago brand strategy consultant

Sehare Hemani



Sehare Hemani joined Compass(x) Strategy in April 2016 to pursue a growing interest in Market Research and Brand Strategy. With a background in content marketing, Sehare has previous worked with Fortune 100 clients in various industries including healthcare, insurance, and retail in order to strategize and execute content marketing campaigns that attract, engage, and recruit prospective employees.

Sehare is a nomad at heart – having lived in several countries including Pakistan, Kenya, Hong Kong, and the U.A.E. After graduating with a BA in Mass Communications from UCLA, she moved to Chicago and is finally learning to call it home (for now)!

Other things she’s passionate about: coffee, Game of Thrones, improv, mentoring, and her 11-year-old Siberian Husky/soul mate, Mya.

You can reach Sehare at sehare@compassxstrategy.com

Compass(x) overdelivered on their project with us. We had a complicated messaging challenge involved many different stakeholders and a complex set of issues to communicate around. Nancy and her team cut through this to get at the heart of our problem and provided us with a messaging plan of action that is already improving our results. Cai Steger

Project Director, Natural Resources Defense Council

We work with Nancy Goldstein because she‘s smart. We keep hiring her because she is such a refreshing change from stuffy, arrogant strategists. Her incisive thinking cuts the heart of the matter so everyone can focus and rally around what’s critical.  Did I mention she’s funny? Patricia Martin

CEO, LitLamp Communications

Nancy really dove into understanding the craft brew marketplace and culture in Chicago and we could see that in all of the work she did. Through working together we developed a way to talk about Dovetail as a brand that gets it right, while being concise and meaningful. Bill Wesselink

Owner/Brewer, Dovetail Brewery

Hiring Compass(x) Strategy was one of our best decisions. We needed marketing help but we got so much more. Nancy’s experience with big brand roll outs was invaluable to the team. She gave our brand laser like focus, and helped us uncover our authentic reason for being…Not only did she give 110% all the time, she has been and continues to be a critical stakeholder on our project. Dana Wendt

President, Golden Family Company

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