Challenging the Dirty World of Cleaning

Meliora came to life in 2013 after founder Kate Jakubas, an Engineer, went down the slippery slope of asking, ‘wait, what’s actually in this stuff?’ The stuff: laundry detergent. After learning about the toxic chemicals that are found in many common detergents and the lack of transparency required in this category, Kate decided to create something better. But launching a new brand in the overcrowded laundry detergent category was challenging. With so many competitors in the laundry space, and a growing number in the green laundry subcategory, Meliora was struggling to build its brand with retailers and laundry purchasers in a meaningful way. Compass(x) Strategy was tasked with elevating the core brand in order to carve out a meaningful space for Meliora.

Rising Above the Noise in a Crowded Category

Within a crowded and noisy category, what was the simplest way to articulate why retailers and laundry users should choose Meliora?

Making Cleaning Simple is Difficult but Powerful

The laundry category is filled with brands that focus on green, natural, or eco-friendly messaging. For Meliora to rise above the noise and create a meaningful relationship with its audience, they had to understand their needs on a deeper level.

Our research focused on understanding the spectrum of people that buy natural and organic products and how they make purchasing decisions. Through both quantitative and qualitative research methods, we were able to create comprehensive personas profiles that shed new light on how individuals who buy natural differ in their shopping methods, benefits sought, personality, and their views and engagements with competing brands. Through this data we uncovered the idea that simplicity was a powerful way to articulate how Meliora was different and a way to guide how they executed and communicated with people, retailers, and partners.


With an elevated articulation of their purpose, Meliora is in the process of updating communication on their website and inbound marketing channels. In addition, they have amplified their retailer conversations and initiatives.

The Compass(x) Strategy Difference

We help companies rise above the noise by standing for more than just features and benefits.  

At A Glance

Company Name: Meliora
Industry: Household Cleaning Products
Location: Chicago, IL
Why We Love Them: Meliora is obsessed with making the world of cleaning actually cleaner. We love that they’re huge nerds that make it easy to understand how simple ingredients can do powerful things.

Before we started our project, my impression of working with a strategy group was that we’d be shoehorned into what was seen as a gap in our industry. What happened instead is that Compass(x) focused on understanding who we are as a company and then identified opportunities that made sense for us. Being able to test these opportunities through market research and interviews brought a lot of clarity and ease to how we now communicate about our business on our website, to customers, and to retailers.

Mike Mayer

Co-Founder, President, Meliora

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