Building a Brand With Purpose

Jouzge Compass(x) Strategy Client

A Personal Mission Birthed a Product Idea


Dana Wendt had an idea for a new line of products formed from an experience with her pre-teen daughter. Fortunately, as a former designer who grew up in a food ingredient company, she knew how to turn that idea into a reality. She found an untapped niche in a crowded market and successfully developed a line of twelve items across three categories. But when it came time to think about how to launch a new brand, she needed some help. That’s when she called Compass(x) Strategy.

Breaking Intro a Competitive Category


The opportunity involved launching a new, unknown brand into a competitive market. How could she successfully gain traction with retailers, teen girls, and moms?

Uncovering a Brand’s Purpose


The natural food category is getting increasingly competitive. Claims such as organic, GMO-free, naturally sweetened and gluten-free are so prevalent that it is becoming difficult for people to figure out which product is for them. There’s a lot of noise out there. As a newcomer to the category, Compass(x) helped Dana take a different path.

We focused on making this new brand about more than just the stuff. While the products are all natural, gluten free and chock full of goodness, this brand is about more than that. We helped Dana uncover that this brand is about teen and pre-teen girls. It’s about making sure they have the positive energy to rock their day. It is about making sure that they maintain confidence and sense of self despite all the media and images out there telling them they are not enough.

Once we landed on this powerful Reason for Being, we focused on building a strong and successful launch. While positioning and marketing plans are a big part of a successful launch, they aren’t all of it. Through a close collaboration with Dana, we helped vet and hire a branding firm and a social media and public relations firm. We also serve as an ongoing advisor.

With Compass(x) Strategy at her side, Dana is currently in discussions with investors and distributor partners for launch.




Stay tuned!

The Compass(x) Strategy Difference


We become true collaborators to turn powerful ideas into realities.

At A Glance

Organization Name: Jouzge
Industry: Food
Location: Madison WI
Why We Love Them: To the Power of Girl! We love that Dana is so committed to providing healthy snacks and always reminding girls that they are awesome.

Hiring Compass(x) Strategy was one of our best decisions. We needed marketing help but we got so much more. Nancy’s experience with big brand roll outs was invaluable to the team. She gave our brand laser like focus, and helped us uncover our authentic reason for being. She provided critical feedback with other consultants to help keep our message clear and true. The marketing plan that Nancy developed has allowed us to avoid costly and common missteps when launching a new brand. Not only did she give 110% all the time, she has been and continues to be a critical stakeholder on our project.

Dana Wendt

President, Golden Family Company

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