ERDMAN Compass(x) Strategy Client

A Multi-Lens Approach to Effective Healthcare Delivery

Challenging ‘the way things have always been done’ is no easy task. As one of the first design-build firms in the healthcare industry, ERDMAN has a history of thinking differently. They  knew their comprehensive approach of strategic planning, real estate, architecture and construction allowed them to better address clients’s needs during these rapidly changing times. But healthcare leaders were not convinced. Despite the benefits of their integrated and comprehensive approach, ERDMAN was struggling to communicate its breadth of services in a way that was compelling to Health System leaders.

Selling More than Just a Building

How can ERDMAN meaningfully communicate its unique approach in a crowded and evolving market?


Not About the Services. It’s About the Thinking

Compass(x)  focused on understanding the decision makers and the decision-making process. Building a new oncology center, senior living facility, or clinic is a complex and expensive decision involving many people with different agendas and concerns.

ERDMAN had been positioning itself as offering comprehensive services. Through research, work sessions with the leadership team, and analogs in other industries, we learned that the benefits to ERDMAN’s approach was not that they offered comprehensive services, but that they took a comprehensive approach to thinking about the problem. By reframing their advantage from integrated services to integrative thinking, we gave them a more understandable and advantageous way to talk about their firm. From there, we helped them tailor that messaging to the various decision makers in a way that met them where they were, and talked to them in their language.



Based on our work, ERDMAN is currently refreshing their brand to better articulate Integrative Thinking and revising their marketing and messaging. They are continuing to promote their brand and showcase Integrative thinking through webinars, presentations, and speaking engagements. And, in an initiative with fellow B Corp StoryStudio, they are continuing to build their positioning into compelling stories and engagements from their sales team.


The Compass(x) Strategy Difference

Communicating complex products and services to multiple decision makers.

At A Glance

Company Name: ERDMAN
Industry: Healthcare 
Location: Madison, WI
Why We Love Them: More than just a typical Design-Build firm, ERDMAN takes a uniquely effective, holistic approach to thinking through complex decisions regarding healthcare spaces. 

Working with Nancy from Compass(x) has given us a new perspective and solution that I do not think I would have unearthed working with anyone else. She was able to truly understand our problem and situation. As a result of prospective client research Nancy led, together we were able to elicit core themes, ideas, and suggestions that are deeply rooted in the fundamental challenge and needs of clients. I feel we were able to develop a more compelling positioning and approach based on Nancy’s expertise and approach.

Jenne Meyer

Vice President, Brand, ERDMAN

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