Dovetail Brewery

Dovetail Compass(x) Strategy Client

Entering a Crowded, Noisy Market

Craft brewing is in the midst of a renaissance. In Chicago alone, 14 new breweries entered the market in 2013, when Dovetail Brewery was born. Founders Bill Wesselink and Hagen Dost saw an untapped opportunity to revive the European-style beer traditions long ignored by other local breweries.

As Master Brewers and former corporate engineers, they knew they needed additional expertise in marketing strategy. They tasked Compass(x) Strategy with helping to launch their new brand and rise above the noise of a crowded marketplace that didn’t know what they were missing.


Crafting a Strategy and an Identity

How can Dovetail build a strong, recognizable brand that will stand out and build the loyalty of bar owners and beer lovers?


Building a Brand Worth Following

Given a small launch budget, we got creative with research. We immersed ourselves in beer industry data, interviewed distributors, and quizzed bar owners about what matters to them. Grounded in new insights, we developed the Dovetail Brand Compass that would simply and powerfully articulate their brand and inform everything they do. But strategy without strong execution is merely an academic exercise. So, we translated the Brand Compass to executional priorities through a creative brief for use by the brand identity and web design firms to translate the brand into logos, tap handles, website, and content.



Dovetail launched in June 2016.  The Compass(x) work informed all the messaging for their launch and ongoing communications. They opened to great fanfare and reviews (mostly due to their phenomenal beers and beautiful space, though compelling and consistent communication helped)!


The Compass(x) Strategy Difference

We help companies rise above the noise of a crowded market.

At A Glance

Company Name: Dovetail
Industry: Beverages
Location: Chicago, IL
Why We Love Them: Hagen and Bill take their brewing seriously. They are master brewers trying to bring back brewing traditions lost in world that values speed and efficiency over making the best beer possible. And they make damn good beer.

Nancy really dived into understanding the craft brew marketplace and culture in Chicago and we could see that in all of the work she did. Through working together we developed a way to talk about Dovetail as a brand that gets it right, while being concise and meaningful.

Bill Wesselink

Owner/Brewer, Dovetail Brewery

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