Finding New Growth Opportunities with Havi Global Solutions

Havi Global Solutions Compass(x) Strategy Client

Growth Required Moving Beyond The Past

Havi Global Solutions is an expert in supply chain management. Founded in 1974, the company helps businesses improve their supply chain efficiency and profitability by using data and analytics to support planning and decision-making, all while creating additional value for other parts of the company like marketing and operations. Working with HGS means that promotions can be made more effective and product is never out of stock or, just as frustratingly, expired.

While business was strong, most of Havi Global Solutions’ revenue came from just one client. Compass(x) Strategy was hired to create a plan that expanded the company’s client base.

Diversifying the Customer Base

An over dependence on a single customer was putting the company at risk, so they needed to explore new revenue sources. How could they translate their expertise into a new business category?

Digging Deeper

Havi Global Solutions wanted to explore entering the consumer package goods (CPG) market. They knew that brand managers had access to good data for understanding their traditional grocery business, but beyond that base they were flying blind. HGS believed that there was an opportunity to apply their forecasting algorithms and tools to brand managers’ efforts to provide better volume forecasts to their supply chain team by giving them a more complete look at their business performance.

By analyzing their existing research and plans and engaging in new research, we determined a different opportunity. While brand managers were positive about the volume forecasting tools, they were more interested in the promotions analysis capabilities as promotions generated far more variability and error than everyday business. Additionally, by digging into the decision process in CPG companies, we determined that the sales team was a major influencer and enthusiastically supported tools that would help them better manage their customers’ promotions.

These insights informed a new value proposition for Havi Global Solutions that was compelling for CPG marketing and sales teams. This value proposition was brought to life through a launch marketing plan to establish them as credible in this new market.


After working with Compass(x) Strategy, Havi Global Solutions could move forward to create new revenue streams by translating their expertise into new markets.

The Compass(x) Strategy Difference

We ask the right questions to get the insights that will lead to clear and compelling strategies.

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