Making Marketing Efforts Effective with Prime Advantage

Prime Advantage Compass(x) Strategy Client

Fragmented Marketing Tactics Diluted Effectiveness

Founded in 1997 by Louise O’Sullivan, Prime Advantage is a buying group
dedicated to combining the purchasing power of industrial manufacturers to
deliver the best possible savings on raw materials, components, supplies and
services from world-class, endorsed suppliers.

Prime Advantage had several years of strong growth, but in pursuit of that growth,
they were stretching their sales team and not fully utilizing their marketing team.
Compass(x) Strategy was asked to determine how to achieve ongoing growth by
more effectively utilizing marketing.


Linking Daily Actions to Overall Business Goals

Prime Advantage was a sales-driven organization where marketing functioned in a
support role. How could they make their marketing efforts work harder to achieve
their growth goals?

Elevating the Role of Marketing to Meet Growth Goals


Prime Advantage’s leadership team had created a strong growth plan for the
company, and everyone in the organization knew the goals. What their employees
lacked was a clear understanding of how their daily marketing efforts were
contributing to that growth plan. They needed to determine what work marketing
should be doing and how it should be done.

Prime Advantage had already identified some necessary marketing activities.
Rather than simply implementing process and assigning responsibility for these
activities, we took a step back and looked at the bigger picture. Ultimately, Prime
Advantage needed to clarify the marketing initiatives that would create the best
ongoing opportunities for their members and suppliers to do business together.

So we asked:
• What current initiatives were working and not working?
• What initiatives should be done but weren’t due to lack of bandwidth or
competencies that should be?
• What was getting in the way?
From there, we were able to better answer the question of how marketing could be
more effective.




After working with Compass(x) Strategy, Prime Advantage was able to determine
how the marketing team could better spend their time and money on the initiatives
having the biggest impact on their growth goals.


The Compass(x) Strategy Difference

We take a broader perspective to address the real problem, not just the symptoms.

At A Glance

Organization Name: Prime Advantage
Industry: Professional Services
Location: Chicago, IL
Why We Love Them: The team at Prime Advantage are some of the most committed, passionate, engaged people we know. They are extremely dedicated to their Members and Suppliers. Plus, they are known to throw great Conferences!

Being a small company, we were doing many of the right things, but needed to do a better job of utilizing our resources…They did an excellent job of understanding our business goals, our talents and our culture, and didn’t just present information we already knew…As a bonus, we absolutely enjoyed working with them. Their culture is a perfect combination of extremely intelligent with a laid back style, and that made it very easy to collaborate with them.

Mike McDonald

VP Business Development, Prime Advantage

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