Positioning a Multi-Dimensional Brand with CNT Energy

CNT Energy Compass(x) Strategy Client

Rapid Program Growth Diluted the Message


CNT Energy was founded by The Center for Neighborhood Technology in 2000 to explore new ways of assisting residents and communities in achieving sustainable, affordable energy solutions. Since that time, it has experienced consistent rapid growth.

While the growth has resulted in an ever increasing number of Illinois residents saving money on their utility bills, the growth also threatened to dilute the communication of what CNT Energy did and how to articulate its mission. Compass(x) Strategy was tasked with helping CNT Energy craft a unified message that spoke to the diverse groups the organization served about the diverse programs it offered.


Creating Meaning for Diverse Stakeholders


In light of rapid growth, how to create a meaningful message about numerous programs for numerous stakeholders?

Connecting the Dots to Find the Story


CNT Energy had done a lot of great work on research, planning documents and detailed analysis over the past few years. We began by grounding ourselves in the work already done and filling in the few gaps that existed by asking questions of the team and conducting interviews with funders, building owners, residents, utilities and the staff. We conducted work sessions with key members of the CNT Energy team to share our insights and ask more questions.

CNT Energy did not hire Compass(x) because we were energy experts; we were hired because we can see patterns that are often missed as companies grind out the hard work of day-to-day business. Connecting the dots requires ongoing conversation and collaboration with the client team. Through this collaborative process, we were we able to see the patterns to get to the core of who CNT Energy is and what makes them special.

We then translated our insights into a Brand Compass for the company that distilled everything down to a core Reason for Being which provided the strategic underpinnings and served as a guide for everything they did and will do in the future.

With this Brand Compass in hand, all CNT Energy staff members now have the ability to clearly present the organization’s mission, values, and activities and make decisions grounded in a consistent strategy.




The new Elevate Energy received board approval on their plan, selected a design firm, and is moving forward on a new identity, website and marketing plan to bring it all to life.

The Compass(x) Strategy Difference


We help companies see underneath the complexity to find clear and simple solutions.

At A Glance

Company Name: Elevate Energy
Industry: Non Profit
Location: Chicago, IL
Why We Love Them: The Elevate Energy team is smart and creative group dedicated to addressing energy equity issues for some of the most underserved markets.

Compass(x) Strategy guided our organization through a complex branding process that got us where we needed to be on budget and on time. Nancy explains concepts and research in a clear, jargon-free way that builds trust and confidence in her firm’s work. Nancy’s heart is with her clients, and it shows. She gives you much more than you pay for, taking as much time as necessary to ensure her client understands her firm’s work and can put it into practice. We’ve been so pleased with Compass(x) that we’ve hired them for several other projects.

Emily Robinson

Director of Communications and Outreach, Elevate Energy

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