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Thinking Critically About Education Technology

ThinkCERCA was founded by Eileen Murphy Buckley and Abby Ross in 2012 as a groundbreaking online platform and framework for teaching critical thinking skills to K-12 students. While the platform was user-friendly, explaining its approach to literacy instruction, evidence-based arguments, and personalized learning features to school administrators already overwhelmed with new Common Core standards was challenging. The ThinkCERCA team was struggling with how to get the right story to the right decision makers in charge of adopting the many new classroom technologies crowding the marketplace. Compass(x) Strategy was tasked with defining core brand messaging to help principals, superintendents, and teachers understand the value of ThinkCERCA and the role it plays in driving better student outcomes.

Rising Above the Noise in a Crowded, Complex Market

With a powerful and innovative offering, what is the simplest way to articulate why school administrators should choose ThinkCERCA?

Great Teaching is About More Than Grades and Test Scores

Education technology is an industry plagued by brand messages that rely on jargon, platitudes, and dry feature lists. For ThinkCERCA to rise above this noise and be embraced by the right decision makers, they had to connect with decision makers on a deeper level.

We focused our research to understand what really matters to teachers and school administrators, as well as dissecting how big purchase decisions are made. That foundation enabled us to create a ThinkCERCA Reason for Being that distilled the essence of their brand and could serve as the strategic guide for everything they did and will do in the future.



As a result of our work, ThinkCERCA re-launched their website and under the leadership of an expanded marketing team, developed and executed a content marketing plan to bring to attract new school districts.


The Compass(x) Strategy Difference

We help companies rise above the noise by standing for more than just features and benefits.

At A Glance

Company Name: ThinkCERCA
Industry: Education Technology
Location: Chicago, IL
Why We Love Them: The team at ThinkCERCA developed a groundbreaking online platform that gives all teachers the essentials to spark courageous thinking in their classroom.

I loved the thoughtful and intelligent approach to the research and the collaboration that helped them take our achilles heel and turn it into a great plan…Compass(x) helped us take a very complex challenge, telling the story of our solution, which was designed to tackle complex problems with many users, buyers, and influencers with very different levels of understanding. In short, making our story simple was really hard and they finally helped us do it!

Eileen Murphy

Founder, ThinkCERCA

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