Speaking Engagements

Nancy Goldstein educates and inspires business leaders to build better businesses. Pulling from her experiences on the front lines of business, plus a hint of pop culture, Nancy brings intelligence, practicality and wit to her speaking engagements.  Audiences leave inspired and moved to action.  And that is the point of having someone speak, right?  To inspire the participants to do something.  To take action, and have more impact.  

Nancy speaks and conducts workshops on a variety of topics and loves to work with event organizers to create a program that best achieves their objectives.  But as a starting point, some of her favorite topics are:

  •  Practical Marketing Approaches for Small and Midsize Businesses
  •  Business as a Force for Good
  • Putting Purpose, not Positioning at the Heart of Your Business
  • Moving Beyond Cause Marketing
Nancy Goldstein Speaking at Content Jam 2015

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Fun. Engaging. Relevant and relatable. A professional marketer who's passionate about practicing Corporate Social Responsibility and leading the B Corp movement. Nancy is a must-have in my marketing classes at Columbia College.

Barbara Jurgens

Nancy's presentation reminded us of the power of storytelling. The story of her professional passion and impact inspires many career choices that support social good - it's relevant to all!

Safiyah Jackson

Check out our talk on Systems Thinking from Ignite Chicago, April 2014

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