Supplier Decision Making Process

At Compass(x) Strategy, we seek to align our purchasing decisions with the impact goals and values of the company. We believe this not only ensures our actions are consistent with our words, but also serves as a catalyst to broaden the adoption of sustainable business practices among other companies.

For us, the term ‘suppliers’ cover every business with whom we do business. This includes everything from where we buy our printer paper and cleaning products to companies that we sub contract with on specialties for client projects.

We ask our suppliers to fill out the following short questionnaire if they’re not a B Corp. When determining which supplier we will work with, we additionally ask ourselves the following four questions:

Does it meet our needs?

This is the first thing we ask. Does it meet our needs? Is the quality level what we need or what our clients need? This is where we start because if we are going to make a purchase, we have a clear need and want to make sure that our choice fills that need, regardless of how good a potential supplier is.

Is there a B Corp Option?

Next we search the B Corp community and determine if there is a B Corp that can supply what we need. For example we purchase all Method products for cleaning supplies and host our website with Canvas Dreams, both of whom are B Corps.

Is there a Local Option?

If there isn’t a B Corp option, we look locally. We’re incredibly proud to be part of the business community in Chicago, and we just straight up love our city. If we can, we’ll do business with a locally owned or located company. For example we do all of our printing with Digital Hub, a locally owned sustainable printer.

Is it financially responsible?

We are a business that has financial obligations, so we must weigh the financial responsibility of each option. Although we would prefer to do business with nothing but sustainably run B Corp Certified locally owned businesses, sometimes it’s just more responsible to choose someone else. Because this is kind of ambiguous, we are working on improving the level of transparency around how to define “financially responsible.” We will be updating this as soon as we’ve developed a solid process for decision making in this area.

If you have any questions about how we choose our partners and suppliers you can contact us at or take a look at our Impact Report which has more detailed information.

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