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What was interesting about the process that Compass(x) went through was that the research really focused on our key audiences and what their needs were. Through the experience with Compass(x), we’re reframing the way we talk externally about our organization which is something we’ve struggled with. The learning that has happened across the organization hasn’t just affected our communications team, it has affected how the entire organization thinks about itself, how we are structured internally, how we present our structure externally, and this has had ramifications all across the board.

Brian Sant

Director, Online Communications, Ceres

Compass(x) Strategy guided our organization through a complex branding process that got us where we needed to be on budget and on time. Nancy explains concepts and research in a clear, jargon-free way that builds trust and confidence in her firm’s work. Nancy’s heart is with her clients, and it shows...We’ve been so pleased with Compass(x) that we’ve hired them for several other projects.

Emily Robinson

Director of Communications and Outreach, Elevate Energy

Nancy and her team at Compass(x) grasped the core of the messy thing we're trying to do more quickly than anyone else I've worked with over the last two years. She also grasped the communication problem we were struggling with and helped navigate those issues with aplomb.

Janne Flisrand


Our strategy session with Nancy and Compass(x) was like watching all the pieces of our marketing puzzle float together to form a complete and dynamic picture. Our content marketing now has more clarity, direction, and usefulness.

Jill Pollack

Founder & Director, StoryStudio Chicago

Working with Compass(x) taught me so much that I didn't know I didn't know! We are a non-profit organization, often surviving on our passion and sense of urgency for the work. Compass(x) gained a quick grasp of our field and the issues specific to our group, and then guided us to think about the big picture of where we want to get and how we can make that happen. They gave us concrete products that we can immediately apply, to grow our organization and make a greater impact.

Debra Stulberg

Training Director, Midwest Access Project

Nancy and Jen clearly understood our business by listening carefully. They were then able to pinpoint insightful ways to help us communicate our message and value. The brand compass was PERFECT!

Abby Ross

Co-Founder & COO, ThinkCERCA

Compass(x) Strategy helped us develop a strategic plan to expand our business, leveraging existing capabilities to support new markets.  They really addressed the entire project end-to-end and made it easy for us to implement. Plus, they’re fun and easy to work with. I can’t recommend them enough.

Tina Wefer

Product Marketing & Management, HAVI Global Solutions

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