In this glorious age of Netflix and binge-watching, TV shows are judged, in part, by their endings. And, i think,  the quality of the ending has a lot to do with the creators knowing when it is time to end.


For me, what makes the ending of shows such as Six Feet Under, Mad Men, The Wire, and Parks and Recreation so satisfying is that the stories felt complete.  To continue on longer would do a disservice to the characters, the cast and crew, and the fans. Too often, shows stick around too long, trying to wring out just one more season, thereby unintentionally dampening enthusiasm for everything that came before it (I’m looking at you, Gilmore Girls).


In that spirit, I am announcing that Compass(x) is closing. After eight seasons, it is time to say goodbye.


Typically, when a show ends, the creators spend the final episodes wrapping up all the characters’ storylines so we get a proper goodbye. So, here goes:

  • To all of the clients that we have had the honor and privilege to work with: You are strong, inspiring, and visionary leaders making your corner of the world more just, healthier, and tastier.  And to top it off, you do it with grace, honor, and a lot of style. I am forever your fan!
  • To all of the Compass(x) partners and team members past and present:  you guys are the best! You made me smarter, and I have had a blast working with you.
  • To the B Corp community, especially my Chicago B’s: I’m not going anywhere and will continue to be a voice and a champion for the movement.
  • To Sehare: Dude. There is not much else to say that hasn’t been said. You are a badass. In addition to the powerful and meaningful work we did together, I will miss our feminist playlists, determining the best place for lunch each day, and our Monday GoT theory sessions!  
  • To my friends and family who have supported me these past eight years: I honestly could not have done this without you. You have been there through all the twisted plotlines, the ups and downs, the celebrations, and the pick-me-up bourbons. Thank you. I love you all.


There are several ways to continue a storyline:

  • There are spinoffs (Will Game of Thrones live on?)
  • There are movies (We still miss you, Firefly)
  • There are Netflix reboots (Nah…they are usually terrible. I’m still looking at you, Gilmore Girls)!


My story will continue at The Connell Group a Market Research and Brand Strategy consultancy here in Chicago. Like Compass(x), The Connell Group believes in data-driven decision making, solving complex problems, understanding customers as people, and doing it all in a culture of collaboration, fun, and snacks. While they work across a variety of industries including complex B2B and CPG, they have a strong focus in Healthcare and Life Sciences – industries that are important and  interesting to me.  I will be joining their team as the Director of Strategy and Insights, where I will, among other things, help them expand their brand strategy practice. 


I will continue writing my perspective on brand strategy issues (supplemented with the usual pop culture nonsense) on The Connell Group blog and we are working on launching a newsletter. When that time comes, please subscribe!  No. Seriously. You should subscribe. It will be awesome.  In the meantime, you can reach me at or



Thank you all for accompanying me on this journey. I look forward to continuing to see you, hear from you, and have cocktails with you!





Nancy is the Founder and Chief Strategist of Compass(x) Strategy, a Chicago brand and marketing strategy firm that creates sustainable growth for passionate companies.  Compass(x) Strategy is a Certified B Corporation committed to using business as a force for good. You can connect with her on Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn

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