Bringing Clarity to Achieving a Healthy Global Economy

As an organization dedicated to thinking big about a sustainable global economy, Ceres works tirelessly behind the scenes with investors, companies and key economic players to accomplish just that. Founded in 1989 after one of the largest oil spills in the US, Ceres has been working with investors and companies to adopt sustainable business practices and create a healthy economy. Ceres had grown substantially in the 25 years since their inception and with that growth came fragmentation of programs, audiences, and messaging. As a result, Ceres was struggling to communicate the value and impact made by its work to current and prospective members.

Communicating a Complex Array of Services

As an organization serving many stakeholders across a myriad of issues, how can Ceres meaningfully connect?

Using Executive Board Insights and Research to Elevate Brand Message

Ceres navigates a complex communications challenge. On one hand, to effectively inspire investors, business leaders, and policy makers to take action, Ceres believed they needed to stay behind the scenes. On the other hand, to attract donor and foundation interest, Ceres needed to make their role in that action clear. Ceres engaged Compass(x) to help them elevate their mission and better articulate their role. Our approach to this started with uncovering how their stakeholders saw the organization and the role they played.

We began by facilitating a Board and Staff Kickoff to help bring all the perspectives and ideas to the table. Then, combining the board and staff input with data analysis, we developed several possible opportunities that we tested though in-depth interviews with Ceres investors members and business leaders. Our research uncovered that investors and business leaders found Ceres credible and influential because of their system-wide view. However, that authority was diminished and muddied through the complex web of sub-brands, networks, and communication channels.

Through a series of worksessions with the Ceres team, we translated the insights into a more powerful Mission Statement and simplified their brand and sub-brand structure.


With a simple and powerful brand strategy, Ceres is now redesigning their website and digital communication with See3 Communications to better communicate their work and impact.


The Compass(x) Strategy Difference

We help organizations communicate complex products and services.

At A Glance

Company Name: Ceres
Industry: Nonprofit
Location: Boston, MA
Why We Love Them: The work done by Ceres has been instrumental in moving leading companies and investors to adopt sustainable business practices. 

What was interesting about the process that Compass(x) went through was that the research really focused on our key audiences and what their needs were. Through the experience with Compass(x), we’re reframing the way we talk externally about our organization which is something we’ve struggled with. The learning that has happened across the organization hasn’t just affected our communications team, it has affected how the entire organization thinks about itself, how we are structured internally, how we present our structure externally, and this has had ramifications all across the board.

Brian Sant

Director, Online Communications, Ceres

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