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Creating a Comprehensive Approach to a Multi-faceted Problem

Being a teenager is hard, regardless of who you are or where you grew up. But imagine how much more difficult it would be facing the teenage years with unstable housing and a young child to raise. That’s what makes the work done by New Moms extraordinary. Serving young women aged 13-24 and their children, New Moms provides a comprehensive support system aimed at helping them break through the cycle of poverty.

What makes New Moms uniquely successful in tackling this multifaceted issue is their approach. New Moms understands that these women need an array of services to gain traction in their lives. From safe housing to early childhood development training, and job training through their Bright Endeavors candle company, New Moms takes a multi-generational approach, addressing the needs of both the mother and child.  This unique model is being studied and replicated across the nation, as others model their programs after the success and leanings from New Moms.

With all the services they offer and the unique approach that builds capabilities in both the mother and child, the organization was struggling to clearly communicate  what they do and how they help. That’s when Compass(x) Strategy entered the picture.


Communicating a Complex Array of Services

How can New Moms communicate the programs and services it offers in a way that is meaningful, inspirational and compelling for all stakeholders?


Standing for More than the Sum of Its Programs

To simplify the communication and tell meaningful stories of their impact, New Moms needed to understand how their stakeholders, primarily donors viewed their work – what motivated them, to donate, what they knew about the organization’s work, and where they had understanding gaps.

Our research uncovered how truly inspired donors were – not just by what New Moms did, but by the strong, committed, and determined young moms that the organization supported.  We worked to amplify the message to focus on the strength of the women over the process and logistics of the support services. With a clear and inspiring Reason for Being, we then worked with the New Moms team to make sure that that powerful messaging was constantly integrated into everything they did



With a clear and concise articulation of their purpose, New Moms restructured their website and the Bright Endeavors website to better communicate their work and impact.


The Compass(x) Strategy Difference

We help organizations communicate complex products and services.

At A Glance

Company Name: New Moms, Inc.
Industry: Non-profit
Location: Chicago, IL
Why We Love Them: New Moms is doing more than just providing social services. They are bringing innovative approaches to the issue of poverty for women and children to break the cycle of poverty. Plus, we love their Bright Endeavors candles!

We loved working with Compass(x)! They did a phenomenal job digging in to understand our needs and creating a brand strategy that really addressed the issues and felt like a natural fit for us. The results created a significant shift in how we communicate about ourselves and will have a long lasting impact.

Laura Zumdahl

CEO, New Moms

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